About Us

As residential interior graduates of the University of Alberta, the principals of FY Design, Amanda Jackman and Heather Robertson, are certified, professional Interior Decorators who understand the important, leading role aesthetics plays in creating an interior or event.

Our designs are innovative and approached from the perspective of an interior decorator rather than that of solely a planner.  To truly create a stunning wedding, interior, or event, we believe that the elements and principles of exemplary design must be utilized.  These elements and principles are the foundation of all projects created by FY Design.

Our mission is to ensure that every wedding, residential interior project or event is customized for you. FY Design is extremely organized, skilled in project management and unwilling to sacrifice quality.  Whether it be celebrating your love in an unforgettable way at your wedding; your new décor and accessories showcasing your personal style and mood; or an event that your guests never to want to end, FY Design was created to ensure that the moment is yours.